We have prepared a summary of the speakers’ responses.

About the essence of the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly

«The All-Belarusian People’s Assembly is a political imitation to demonstrate the dictator’s communication with the people. The people who are present at the ABPA have no representation. This is a distraction from pressing issues». Andrey Egorov

About democracy

«SHOD is a school of democracy. Older people have already forgotten, and younger people have never known how to nominate candidates and make sure they will be registered». Dmitry Podolinsky

About opportunities for the regions

«SHOD is an opportunity to identify regional initiatives that want to continue. It is also a way to support regional leaders». Andrey Egorov

About inclusiveness

«SHOD is a platform for people with different orientations. It is also for people who maintain current power». Andrey Egorov

About the ability to set the agenda

«The organizers of the SHOD have a very strong motivation not to post a subpoena from above, but to pull out more good ideas from below». Andrey Egorov

About involving professionals

«I encourage professionals in different fields to submit to the SHOD. They can improve the quality of discussions. The better the quality of the discussion, the better the chances are that we will approach the framework of the future». Dmitry Podolinsky

About openness

«In the 25 years of the Belarusian regime, there have always been those who have said that we should be anonymous and hide in the kitchens and in the woods. That’s a naive view because the authorities have enough resources to know the activists’ database. Our main strength is that people are not afraid and that there are many of us». Vitaly Rymashevsky

About process transparency

«Any initiative where you don’t try to show everyone a beautiful picture has risks: something might go wrong. That’s what distinguishes organic structure and startups from vainglory. The ABPA will probably be clapped and laughed at in the right places, just looking at the speaker’s stand». Maxim Bogretsov

Today, at a press conference, representatives of the main staff of the Coordination Council, Maxim Bogretsov, Andrey Egorov, Dmitry Podolinsky, and Vitaly Rymashevsky presented the position of the CC on the All Belarusian People’s Assembly (ABPA). They explained why the Belarusians should move to the SHOD and how the agenda for a real public debate was being shaped.

The speakers also shared plans for further communication with ABPA delegates and working with civil society.

Journalists’ most popular questions are about the implementation of the convocation decisions, the safety of the participants of the platform, and the format of the event.

At the beginning of next week, there will be a session with the members of the Coordination Council, where you can ask your questions about the position of the CC on ABPA and participation in the SHOD. Keep an eye on the announcement.

You can see the video with the position of the Coordination Council on the «ABPA» on our youtube channel.

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