On August 2-3, representatives of the UTC will make reports to the specially created committees of the Coordination Council and answer their questions.

Hearings are a democratic process of public control of the activities of the executive power by a representative body and an opportunity to amplify the voices of those who have questions about the democratic forces of Belarus.

— The main goal of the event, in my opinion, is to make the politicians of democratic Belarus more understandable for the Belarusian society, so that their activities are transparent. Belarusians will be able to freely find out what has been done and what has not been done over the past year, — explains the meaning of the hearings, vice-speaker of the Coordination Council Alena Zhivaglod.

— ГPublic hearings allow comprehensive assessment of the activities and policies of the leadership of democratic Belarus. This is an opportunity for the Belarusian society to ask its questions and express its concerns to the democratic leaders, — assured the member of the CC Artyom Lyadovsky. — The Coordination Council will act as an agent of public control. Its delegates will be objective and unbiased listeners of Belarusian democratic leaders, who will talk about what they have done over the past year, having the mandate of representatives of Belarusians in key areas of social and political activity.

You can also propose your questions to any representative of the United Transitional Cabinet. You just need to fill out an anonymous form.

The first day of hearings starts on August 2 at 14:00 Minsk time, the second — on August 3 at 13:00 Minsk time.

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