“When it seems that there is no way out, I tell myself that I am incredible, dye my lips, and go to move mountains.” 

Maria Kalesnikava, a member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council, has been in prison for over 7 months. Today the whole world will felicitate the talented flutist, social activist, and an incredibly brave woman on her birthday. 

This Masha convinced us that we are incredible and taught us how to “hammer”. It is Masha who continues to support Belarusians even from prison. 

  • Dina 

Since May 2020, I have stopped using cosmetics. It seemed meaningless in our reality. Now the red lips are the support of myself, Masha, and all political prisoners.
I was impressed by the fact that Masha continues to paint her lips even in prison. I thought, since a person even there finds the strength for red lipstick, then here I must also try. On the same day, I decided that I would paint my lips in honor of Masha and together with Masha. A whole month of red lips helped me a lot in overcoming my emotional crisis. So there is still a question of who supported whom.

  • Alexandra

I did not know Maria Kalesnikava and was not interested in politics, but this summer I was overwhelmed by what is happening around us now.
I listened to Maria, watched her, and understood – this is an example of a strong woman. Masha taught me not to be afraid of my words, my actions. Masha taught me to smile, even when it was hard and painful. Masha taught me to defend myself in any situation. Masha is the personification of all the female power of the country.

  • Julia

I found out about Maria this summer. It is impossible not to notice her. She attracts attention, inspires, charges with positiveness and confidence. An incredible combination of strength, tenacity, femininity, and beauty. An example of how you can be strong without using physical strength. Persistent, no matter what. True to her values, do not give up, do not be afraid, give warmth and love.

  • Veronika

When I found out that we have our birthdays on the same day, I wanted, even more, to support Maria and release her from prison as soon as possible.
Maria Kalesnikava became the national heroine of Belarus. Her act at the border, when she was held hostage, restored faith in brave and honest people.
Separately, I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for Masha’s parents. They brought up a wonderful Person who did the impossible to inspire Belarusians and return their faith in themselves.

  • Helena

I met Maria last summer, like most Belarusians. We don’t know each other personally, but Masha immediately became my idol. Friends say that we are similar even in appearance.
When I listened to Maria’s speeches, I understood that we think the same way. Her words and especially her deeds give strength not to stop the struggle for our freedom.
I would like to wish dear Maria health, fortitude, fortitude, and faith. And we will “Hammer! Hammer! Hammer! “

  • Ksenia

Maria is an example for all Belarusian women. She is adorable, “crazy,” self-sufficient. I saw her perform live in our Kolozhsky Park. The feeling that she has returned to the days of real revolutionaries – tough, strong, defiant. I empathize with all the people who are on the deadline, but Belarusians especially miss Maria.

  • Stasya

Maria for me is a symbol of light, courage, positiveness, and true patriotism. Thanks to such people, I am proud to call myself Belarusian. I want to wish Masha to remain as bright and positive, healthy, and even more faith in herself. We are on the side of good, which means that we will definitely win. Happy Birthday

  • Ulyana

Masha, dear, you are my inspiration, you are the Human! Thanks to you, the words of Girl’s Power have acquired new meanings. When it seems that there is no way out, I tell myself that I am incredible, dye my lips and go to move mountains. I really want to come to your concert and then hug you.

How can we felicitate Masha?

  • Upload a photo, selfie or video with Masha on social networks with the hashtag # ямымарияколесникова. 
  • Make up your lips in a bright color and post on social networks with the hashtag #крашугубывместесмашей. 
  • Print a T-shirt with a portrait of Masha (the layout is on politzek.me). 
  • Felicitate Masha on the radio.
  • Send a postcard or letter and post a photo of congratulations in social networks with the hashtag # ямымарияколесникова.

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