Student Affairs Commission

Aliaksandr Parshankou

Chairman of the Commission

The Commission for Student Affairs is a body of the Coordination Council that acts as an advocate and administrator of the student agenda within the Belarusian democratic forces. We are trying to understand and respond to the problems and needs of students and youth in Belarus and beyond. The Commission for Student Affairs of the Coordinating Council was established by the decision of the meeting of fractions on March 1, 2023.
Our main task is to defend the interests and solve the problems of students at all levels available to us. In order to achieve positive changes, identify and solve specific problems, we cooperate with student representatives, activists and organizations.

The main directions of the commission’s work (according to the tasks) are:

We act as a political advocate for students’ interests, defending their rights and interests and trying to solve problems. We engage in dialogue with European education authorities, policy makers and other stakeholders to draw attention to important student issues. Through research, data analysis and effective communication, we aim to influence policies and decisions that directly affect the present and future of Belarusian students. The Commission’s special focus is to advocate for the interests of students who are political prisoners and repressed students.
We encourage the active involvement of students in the processes of civil society development. We promote the creation of conditions for the development of student associations, the emergence of new initiatives that allow students to express their opinions, propose ideas and participate in the formation of their own civic experience.
We strive for conflict-free resolution of issues, so we choose the way of organizing discussions, conferences, forums, which will promote dialogue between all stakeholders.

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