For several months, many Belarusian public officers have committed dozens, sometimes hundreds of crimes instigated by Alexander Lukashenko’s illegal, violent attempt to hold on to power after losing the 2020 presidential election. The offences include physical violence, limitation of freedom, spreading disinformation in state media, property damage, confiscation of funds and other repressions.

However, not all of the public officials have committed criminal acts.  To overcome the political crisis and avoid social division, the Coordinating Council has developed a draft of the concept of the law reinstatement and national reconciliation. This Concept will reveal which officials have committed criminal acts and, thus, should be punished, and who can continue to work and help to build a new free Belarus. 

The concept of the law reinstatement and national reconciliation

To that end, a special agency would be established to be responsible for law reinstatement and national reconciliation. The agency will consider the use of physical force, special equipment and weapons against citizens in connection with political positions.

Violations of citizens’ rights to peaceful assembly, expression of opinions, freedom of movement, as well as administrative or criminal prosecution for political positions and other cases of political persecution. Public officers whose actions did not cause harm to life or health would be exempt from criminal or administrative liability. Instead, they may be subject to fines or restrictions on their work, subject to remorse and voluntary and active assistance.

Those public officers, who had no involvement in criminal acts would continue their work without penalties or restrictions.

Here you can find the detailed draft of the Concept. We understand that this document is important for the future of the country and therefore want to hear the viewpoint of every Belarusian. Send your comments and suggestions by December 26 to [email protected].

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