The statement of the Coordinating Council of Belarus on the anniversary of the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine

A year ago, on February 24, 2022, a full-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine
began. The war, lasting since 2014, has entered every Ukrainian family. The Russian leadership has decided that it could continue to seize foreign territories and destroy an independent country through violence. In response, the courageous Ukrainian people have shown the world their selfless spirit as they fight for their freedom and independence, resisting their invaders with unwavering faith in victory.

The Coordination Council of Belarus fully supports the government and the people of independent Ukraine in their decisive fight against the aggressor. We empathize with the pain through which you pass daily.

In 2020, Belarusians once again rebelled against the dictatorship. And despite the fact
that Lukashenko and Putin, in response, strengthened the union aimed at destroying the national distinctiveness of the Belarusian and Ukrainian people, we did not stop our resistance.

Our people connect not only the kilometers of the border but also the centuries of collective history and general struggle against Russian imperialism. A majority of Belarusians supported Ukraine during the “dignity” on the Maidan. We continue to support you and now tens of thousands of Belarusians are imprisoned, and hundreds of thousands live in constant repression, under threat of violence, or in exile. That is why Lukashenko has not yet decided to send the Belarusian army to Ukraine because he knows that the vast majority of Belarusians oppose Russian aggression, and a considerable amount supports Ukraine.

The Coordination Council counts on a new qualitative level of cooperation with representative authorities to achieve common goals that will bring our common victory closer.

Belarusians selflessly serve as volunteers and accept refugees from Ukraine. Our volunteers have been on the benches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion. Belarusians, risked their lives and freedom inside the country, stopping trains on the railway, and going out to protest against the war. Our cyber-partizans, independent journalists, and bloggers work fruitfully on the information front and spread the truth about military crimes and criminals. We realize that both of our countries will not be free and prosperous as long as they remain a potential threat to the “Russian world.”

The Coordination Council emphasizes that the position and choice of Alexander Lukashenko does not reflect the positions of most Belarusians. We are convinced that two dictators and their allies are waiting for an international tribunal and historical responsibility for crimes against humanity. Ukraine and Belarus are waiting for a great way to restore their independence. It will also have a historical responsibility for the activities of Lukashenka’s terrorist regime and the joint path to build a new sense of security, economic development, and neighborhoods. At the same time, we declare that we will make every effort to constantly support Ukraine.

Glory to Ukraine! Long live Belarus!

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