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Pavel Tereshkovich

Deputy Speaker

Vital Rymasheuski


Aliaksandr Parshankou

Deputy Speaker

Who are we?

First of all, we are Belarusians in heart and soul. Each of us is a part of the civil society, which believes that Belarus can and should be a European country.

Our priorities

We believe that the purpose of Belarusan politics is to serve Belarusians

Top priority in international policy
NO – Iron Curtain between Belarusians and the civilised world.
We will defend the rights and opportunities of Belarusians to travel, study and work in the European Union and other countries of the world.

In social policy
Our faction has initiated the creation of commissions on education and student affairs.
We believe that education should be a priority for our country. And educated, intelligent people will make Belarus free and happy.
We have also set up working groups to support language and culture and to support and develop civil society.


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International Commission
Commission on Education, Science and Social Thought
Commission on Student Affairs

Working Groups:

-Preservation and development of the Belarusian language and culture
-Support and development of civil society
-Assistance and rehabilitation of political prisoners
-under the Kalinowski programme

Our Values:

– Promotion of human rights in Belarus, in particular the prioritisation of the value of the individual over any state and any group interests
– Independence of Belarus
– Belarusian culture and the Belarusian language

Principles of Fractionation:

– Service to Belarusians
– Mutual respect
– Responsibility

Why you should join?

The Coordination Council should become a platform that represents and defends the interests of Belarusians. And first of all, the interests of public organisations and activists
Both members of the Coordination Council and simply interested and willing Belarusians can join our work.
Politics should be engaged here and now!
Each of you can join the work of the Coordinating Council for the benefit of Belarusians through our faction.


We do not believe that negotiations with the regime are possible at this stage, but that does not make mindless sanctions pressure effective.
The sanctions themselves lead neither to the democratisation of the country, nor to the fall of the regime, nor to the release of political prisoners. Moreover, they should be directed against the regime, not against the entire Belarusian people, who have already suffered from the very regime that restricts them in freedom, education, and work. Therefore, the issue of sanctions should be approached wisely and precisely.
If we talk about a forceful scenario, we do not rule out the possibility of its realisation, but at the same time we assess it as unlikely.

Our faction has no illusions about the process and results of these elections – it is clear that the authorities will do everything necessary to get the people they need into the local councils. Nevertheless, we are convinced that a boycott is the worst possible strategy. The results of all scientific studies on the effectiveness of boycotts eloquently testify to this. That is why, on behalf of the faction, we are in favour of using, even though severely limited, the possibilities of elections of deputies to local councils of deputies to revive political life even in such extremely unfavourable conditions.

In tactical terms, we propose to address the local agenda, which touches upon specific, pragmatic issues of life of the residents of the places where the elections will be held. The main argument in defence of this strategy and tactics, apart from the above-mentioned one, is that political activity requires practice and even such a bad practice is better than its complete absence. The best scenario for the Belarusian authorities is the total apolitical character of the population. Participation of representatives of the democratic community in local elections in this sense destroys this scenario, creates additional tension for the authorities and is a very significant training for representatives of the democratic community.

Our faction believes that Ukrainians have a full moral right to demand reparations from Belarus, but this does not mean that Belarus will pay these reparations. There are relevant procedures of international law that regulate such issues, and it is they who should decide on the payment of reparations.

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