Working Groups

Working Group on Political Prisoners and Human Rights Violations

The group was created to coordinate activities of various projects which deal with political prisoners. It informs, advocates and documents on the issue of political prisoners and human rights violations. The working group consists of human rights activists, a media group, an international legal team and a creative team.

По политзаключенным и нарушениям прав человека
Write to [email protected] with the subject ‘To the WG on political prisoners’ and a short information about how you can help the groupExplore
По политзаключенным и нарушениям прав человека

Local initiatives support hub

We help to organise elections to the collegial bodies of territorial public self-government and local public campaigns. The platform provides information on legal instruments of local initiatives development and of advocating the residents’ interests through interaction with the state bodies.

Инициатива «КОТОС»


The humanitarian group was created to help people in difficult life situations. We believe that Belarus of the future will become a country where it will be comfortable to live and develop, and every person will feel truly protected. For this, it is necessary that each member of the New Belarus put the value of human life above all else. We share the values ​​of democratic society and therefore helping people is our priority. We not only help ourselves, but also connect with well-known initiatives, as well as talk about initiatives that do not have wide coverage, but are targeted. Contact us if you need help.

Support of the Belarusian Language and Culture

The Working Group for the Support of the Belarusian Language and Culture was created to support the implementation of the rights of Belarusian-speaking citizens; to fixate and assist in cases of discrimination on the basis of the Belarusian language; to counteract attempts to discredit Belarusian symbols and heritage, or to split society on these issues.

The working group has also initiated the Open Letter from figures and experts in the Belarusian language and culture —

Падтрымка беларускай мовы і культуры

Fem Group

The group works on expanding women’s presence in the Core and Expanded Coordination Council, gaining influence in the decision-making process within the Council and continuing its activities after the Council completes its mission as a transition body.

Фем группа КС
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Фем группа КС

Regional Group

The Regions Support Group’s work is based on the one-stop shop principle providing consultations and information support to people in regions and helping to implement initiatives at the local level. The group’s Telegram channel and Instagram account allow citizens and Council members to contribute to the creation of media content (writing articles, creating illustrations, design assistance, etc.)

Рабочие группы КС

Economic Group

The group’s tasks are: analysing economic processes in Belarus; consulting the Council on the economic situation and development; disseminating objective information about the economic development of Belarus in the media in Belarus and abroad; contacting the economic establishment in Belarus and in the key international institutions.

Экономическая группа
Write to [email protected] with the subject ‘To the Economic WG’ and a short information about how you can help the groupExplore
Экономическая группа

Independent Trade Unions

The initiative was created to help citizens to join independent trade unions. The unions work to protect the labour rights of the employees of enterprises, inform about the possibilities of receiving assistance for those who find themselves in difficult life situations and unite. various social groups of people.

Профсоюз ONLINE

Business Support

The group is engaged in supporting various business initiatives helping the victims of violence and everyone who has lost their jobs or resigned from the government service and is open to new skills and knowledge, to a new profession or needs support for their own business. One of the tasks of the group is to shape the agenda for the support and development of private businesses in Belarus.

Поддержка бизнеса
Write to [email protected] with the subject ‘To WG on Business Support’ and a short information about how you can help the groupExplore
Поддержка бизнеса


The Education Working Group was created to assess the state of the education system in Belarus. The goals of the group are to preserve and develop human capital in a situation of dismissals and exclusion from the education system for political and ideological reasons; to develop the system of civic and adult education, as well as to support the development of alternative platforms and alternative educational initiatives.

The Education Working Group prepares the necessary components of educational reform: generalization and analysis of existing know-how on education reform; personnel development; development of new educational content, development of education infrastructure, including distance and online education; proposals for changes in educational policy and legislation.

Поддержка бизнеса

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