As of today, 11 people from the expanded composition of the Coordination Council and 4 from the main composition have been recognized as political prisoners. We can receive information about them only from lawyers and from letters.

However, even from places of detention, Belarusians and Belarusians try to support their loved ones.

The son of Dmitry Konopelko, a member of the extended composition of the CC, recently had an anniversary. Dmitry was able to congratulate 5-year-old Geru even from prison. With the permission of the family, we publish congratulations.

Dear beloved Hera!
I congratulate you on the first anniversary of your life! I would very much like to celebrate it with you. As soon as we meet, we’ll have a real party. I am very glad that I have you. You are an incredibly kind, handsome, and intelligent boy. Never let anyone hurt you and your mom. Know that you deserve the best. You can learn to do whatever you want. Don’t be afraid to try, make mistakes, and try again until you succeed.
The main thing is to believe that you can and will always succeed!
I love you very, very, very much I hug you tightly.

You can support the families of political prisoners through the project. And, of course, make friends with political prisoners and complete tasks on the website.

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