On November 19, the CC held a press conference with regional media. Representatives of the Coordination Council Maksim Bahratsou, Volha Kavalkova, Siarhei Dyleuski and Ales Alekhnovich spoke about the current activities of the CC.

The CC has presented the “Majority Movement” initiative, which offers to Belarusians to undertake effective and simple steps through a chatbot. “Thanks to this mechanism, the whole country can show solidarity and solve ongoing problems together” Volha Kavalkova said.

Maksim Bahratsou: “The Сoordination Council tries to establish a real dialogue, not an imitation of it. We contact various government officials and work with them in the information area, including in Russia.”

Siarhei Dyleuski: “Now Belarus has been developing grassroots initiatives, small teams in the framework of the initiative “Яднайся” („Unite”) which subsequently will be merged in the working groups. Grassroots units do not need legal registration. The economic crisis and repression will lead to the situation that workers who were afraid they had nothing to feed their families will go on strike.”

Ales Alehnovich: on October 2, 2020, at the European Council Summit all 27 EU countries unanimously voted to create a full-fledged economic plan to support a democratic Belarus after the political crisis. Representatives of the economic group of the CС, who previously signed an open letter of economists, take part in the discussion of this plan.

Maksim Bahratsou: “During the World Entrepreneurship Week business in the context of the political crisis was actively discussed. Startups, students, and cafes have been leaving Oktyabrskaya street, which was one of the most dynamically developing points in the capital. We are working on this problem from Belarus as far as possible.”

Despite the default of legality in Belarus, we continue to use exclusively legal methods. Install the Majority Movement chatbot at the link below today, and your first task will be waiting for you soon!

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