Memorandum of the Belarusian society, the Coordination Council and democratic forces in defense of the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Belarus

We, representatives of the Belarusian people, democratic forces, political parties, public organizations, associations and platforms, representatives of civil society, opinion leaders and public authorities, regardless of our political views on any other issues, are united in the following principled position, which we express on behalf of the Belarusian people:

  1. The sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Belarus are the highest constitutional state-forming value of the Belarusian people.
  2. Any encroachment upon the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Belarus is a grave crime against the state.
  3. Such actions will constitute a betrayal of the people of our country who for many centuries sought their independent and sovereign state and will remain an indelible shame in the history of Belarus for those who commit them.
  4. We demand that the authorities abandon any attempts to destroy the independent Belarusian state or to subordinate it to a foreign power. Trade in the sovereign right of the Belarusian people to their national state within the internationally recognized borders is inadmissible in any form.
  5. The Belarusian people do not recognize the signing of international treaties or other documents and legislative acts that threaten the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus.
  6. We, like the entire Belarusian people, will fight by all constitutional methods against any threat to the independence and sovereignty of our country considering it the duty and sacred duty of every citizen of the Republic of Belarus.

The Republic of Belarus is also the Republic of the entire Belarusian people, and this is the state of every Belarusian. Each of us.

We want to live in an independent, sovereign, democratic and prosperous Belarus.

And so it will be!

The Memorandum is open for signing by organizations, associations and groups, representatives of civil society and authoritative citizens.

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