Offer your ideas or your expertise to other teams. With the support of mentors – experts in the development of digital products and spheres of civil society, we will create the necessary solutions in the fields of medicine, education, digital state, and other ones that are important to you. A lot of things will be better and different in the new Belarus!

Hackathon will be online. If you wish, you can participate completely anonymously.

The winners of the first Coordination Council hackathon in partnership with the Peramen platform were Skarga.Help and the Rupar COVIDa. With the help of Skarga.Help, the Belarusians have already sent thousands of complaints to the State authorities as a sign of disagreement with the decisions of the authorities. The Rupar COVIDa collects and tells honest information about the disease in Belarus.

Registration and information about Belarus Digital Future hackathon – link.

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