Supolki is an association of people of different professions at work.

«It is easy to explain what Supolki is with the example of one enterprise. Electricians – the first Supolka; foundry – the second; engineers – the third… Together they are already in touch and can act together, uniting the small Supolki into one large Supolka of the whole organization», – explains the member of the Presidium of the CC, leader of the strike of the MTZ Sergey Dylevsky.

In the Supolki you can help each other, protect the rights of each individual and all of them at once.

«You can assemble a work team to discuss important events every day. It’s not a union or a strike. No dues, no passport details, no registration. Friendship is legal. The right of labor collectives to assemblies is secured at the legislative level», – Sergey Dylevsky explains the advantage of such associations.

Read more about the SUPOLKI on the ЯДНАЙСЯ @supolka_by telegram channel.

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