12th of December, the «COTOS» initiative holds a seminar on self-government. If you are ready to take responsibility for your home, court, neighborhood, and create your own territorial self-government, we invite you to educational training.

The issues to be discussed at the meeting are:

  • Advantages of territorial self-government;
  • Tasks and powers of territorial self-government;
  • How to organize the election of new members of the COTOS (major features).

Vitaly Rymashevsky, a member of the Coordinating Council, explains why it is important to join initiatives to develop public self-governance:

«Belarusians no longer want to live in a country that is not governed. Both nationally and locally. How we organize ourselves in neighborhoods, courtyards, city blocks, we have to decide for ourselves. What murals should be, who should be invited to the concert, how to make our lives and those of our children more comfortable – this has to be decided at the local government level».

We will provide participants with legal assistance, informational support, and help to contact other initiatives that are ready to join the activity in your area.

To take part in the seminar, fill in the form.

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