Good day to you, the free people of Belarus! My name is Siarhei Dyleuski.

The Coordination Council is receiving piles of questions about what’s happening in strike committees, what’s happening with trade unions, what’s happening at our plants.

That is why we’ve decided to start a new section, Rabkor (the word meaning “worker correspondent”), which will be devoted to the latest news from factories and plants. Let’s start with some good news. About 3,000 Naftan workers have already withdrawn from the state-sponsored trade union. This is a great example to follow!

The second wave of the coronavirus has already hit the country, and the Ministry of Health has finally acknowledged it. Yet, the authorities are taking away bonus payments and demanding from the medical staff – who are literally at the frontline – to return them. Great, isn’t it?

They have acknowledged the existence of the virus, but not the need to allocate funds to combat it.

So, I’d like to appeal to health workers. Guys, you need to unite and stand up for your rights, just like we are doing.

For that very purpose, your colleagues in Minsk have founded a trade union called White Coats.

Join it and get support from like-minded people.

Now let’s go back to good news. An independent trade union cell at Grodno Azot has become more than 8 times bigger since the election. And its membership now stands at 180.

In the meantime, an independent trade union at Belaruskali is helping workers to protect their rights in courtrooms.

The thing is that the plant administration is trying to debonus strike participants, who have expressed their opinion in solidarity with the people of Belarus.

We have also received letters of support from Italian and Russian trade unions.

On top of that, in September, the International Labour Organisation urged to stop repressions against Belarusian workers and the people as a whole.

Dear colleagues, thank you very much for your solidarity! It is now more important than ever before.

Lastly, we keep receiving loads of applications to join independent trade unions. We are doing our best to answer all your questions. We are growing in numbers, we are getting stronger with each coming day.

If you have any questions or ideas regarding the work of independent trade unions, send them to the website and to all the contacts listed on the website.

Thank you! We’ll keep you posted. Yours sincerely, Rabkor.

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