For more than two months, the Coordination Council’s «» project helps expelled students to assert their rights. together with the Belarusian Free Trade Union (SPB), supported 15 BNTU students who were expelled because of their civic position; helped to find lawyers for the students and to file university applications in court. In some cases, preliminary hearings have already taken place and the claims process is ongoing.

Representatives of the report that four expelled students assisted by the project were forcibly call up for military service. The call was made with the offence of medical examination, despite the fact that trials had already been initiated to rehabilitate students at the university. and SPB will continue to accompany the students’ affairs and are ready to help Belarusians who want to join independent trade unions and legally defend their labor rights.

Let’s remind that the Honest People’s Project created the, a platform, where all initiatives are collected that help students with legal, financial and academic issues.

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