Since October 2020, the Cultural Solidarity Fund has been operating in Belarus. #BY_CULTURE supports projects of cultural figures who have come under pressure due to the open expression of civic position. 

We propose to support artists who, after repression, continue to create cultural projects for Belarus:

  • Fairytales with Malyavanych – weekly evening broadcasts with the popular Malyavanych;
  • The choir « Uniya». Soloists of the choir were illegally detained and given daily arrests and fines. Most of the group were dismissed and were not allowed to speak out at any event;
  • Musician Ales Denisov, founder of the group “KalYan”, “Dzieciuki” and “Lyudzi na balotse”. On August 11th, the artist was severely detained. Despite the risk of a ban on creative activity and health problems, Ales plans to record new albums and participate in theatrical activities.

Look for links to project support in @by_culture account.

Read more about the projects of the Cultural Solidarity Fund on the Fund’s website.

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