In the audio recording published today by the ByPol initiative, we supposedly heard the voice of the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Nikolai Karpenkov, who is convincing his colleagues that time requires the use of weapons. Persuading colleagues to commit crimes is what people who should ensure the security of Belarusian citizens are spending their time on.

Igor Losik, Maria Kalesnikava, Maxim Znak, Alana Gebremariam, Victor Babariko, and 178 other people gave their freedom for each of us.

The authorities are so powerless today that they propose to surround with wire those who wear the «wrong colors», those who sing the «wrong» songs, dance the «wrong» dances, and walk in the «wrong» time.

The time of the concentration camps in our country ended more than half a century ago, and the authorities still continue to quote Lenin and forget that history makes things right. Every such offer by the authorities not only violates all international standards and human rights but also deters even their supporters.

The Coordination Council invites the authorities to move to an immediate dialogue to stop the political crisis in the country and to prevent catastrophic historical mistakes.

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