Lawyers for Lawyers (L4L) from the Netherlands, which supports repressed lawyers, is pushing for an end to harassment and intimidation of lawyers in Belarus who are prosecuting human rights violations and/or politically sensitive cases. 

L4L calls for the immediate release of Maxim Znak from custody, cancel the house arrest of Ilya Salei, and restore the licenses of Alexander Pylchenko, Lyudmila Kazak, and Sergei Zikratsky. 

“These lawyers represented the interests of the leaders of the democratic movement in Belarus and are persecuted in this regard,” L4L lawyers are convinced. 

L4L points out that in line with the UN’s basic principles on the role of lawyers, governments must ensure that defenders can carry out their professional functions without harassment and threats. In addition, the identity of a lawyer should not be identified with his client or the actions of his client. 

Lawyers, like all citizens, have the right to freedom of expression and participation in public discussion of issues related to legislation. 

The international community is in solidarity with Belarusian human rights defenders and respects the professionalism of their colleagues.

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