“Public organizations and initiatives are primarily people and ideas. They cannot be so eliminated”.

Today, it has been reported that the authorities intend to abolish more than 40 civil society organizations. Not only human rights defenders have come under pressure, but also organizations that assist vulnerable groups, promote eco-friendly lifestyles, and conduct educational projects. A member of the CC, founder of  “Fly University” Tatiana Vodolazhskaya commented on the situation:

– The campaign to eliminate institutions and public associations is a logical step in the further purging of civil society. Earlier authorities “tolerated” and used what gave work of these organizations, and this is expertise, assistance in social problems, development of culture. But what’s happening now is what happened in 2003-2004, when the whole of civil society was inventoried for loyalty and cleaned up.

The most immediate impact will now be on those involved in philanthropy and humanitarian assistance, as it is extremely difficult to operate outside the legal framework. However, a state of legal default actually destroys the possibility of some legally protected work. Social organizations and initiatives are above all people and ideas. They cannot be eliminated. In addition, many have worked without registration before. In a sense, these are the actions of the authorities – the alignment of the legal order and the actual state of affairs.

Of course, changing the format of the work would take up more energy and resources, but that could not kill civil society.

Obviously, there is no point in trying to «restore justice» and reclaim status. We can minimize the loss and use it as an excuse to talk about the enormous amount of work that civil society has been doing.

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