Since January 27th, the temporary detention facility (IVS) in the town of Zhodino has stopped accepting parcels for those under arrest, citing the anti-coronavirus measures. The IVS on Akrestsina Street has not received parcels since the beginning of January. Such actions of the state bodies violate Articles 7 and 10 of the Covenant on Civil, and Political Rights, ratified by Belarus, as well as Article 25 of the Constitution of Belarus.

Actions: what has been done and what can be done?

  1. CC will send an appeal on violations of the conditions of detention of prisoners to the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation with human rights in Belarus.
  2. The Belarusian Helsinki Committee and the International Committee for the Investigation of Torture sent appeals to the prosecutor’s office, the Investigative Committee, and the IVS in Zhodino.
  3. Any citizen of Belarus can submit a complaint on his own behalf to the prosecutor’s office at the location of the prison. lawyers have prepared an appeal template.
  4. You can also support a petition at to return the parcels to the administratively arrested.

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