People who still have a shred of confidence in power had the hope that using the ABPA decoration, power would indicate a willingness to meet the needs of society. Instead, it demonstrated a reluctance to acknowledge reality, – said the representatives of the CC in response to the decisions which the delegates of the ABPA «voted for».

Total control, intentions to «press in» private business and «strengthen the state management of people in uniform» are statements of the authorities which, in the opinion of the CC, are incompatible with the principles of work of the democratic state and economic development of the country. Civil servants, most of whom realize that the country is at an impasse, are being made to understand that their competence and professionalism are not needed.

We know that this is not the case, because there are many honest and experienced managers in the system of the State administration whose experience is necessary for the development of New Belarus.

The Coordination Council is convinced that before the work on the new Constitution of Belarus begins, the society must restore harmony and all political prisoners must be released.

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