All Belarusian People’s Assembly (ABPA) is planned for 11-12th February, but so far there is no agenda and list of delegates of this «open» dialogue platform on the official site of the event.

The Coordination Council, the Honest People, and the People’s Anti-crisis Office have joined forces to gather the information that is being hidden from the Belarusians. We want to know the truth and make the information that Belarusians have a right to know public.

If you know the names of the delegates, the ABPA agenda, the topics for discussing unconstitutional decisions behind closed doors under the cover of the people, or anything else the Belarusians should know, fill in the form and tell the truth.

Together we will gather data on everything and everyone and show once again that the Belarusians can do everything themselves. We will find out what they’re trying to imagine as a dialogue platform.

If you have honest colleagues, friends, neighbors, who have been «chosen» by the delegate of the deceptive meeting – ask them to fill in the form and to be with the people.

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