29-30th of October 1937, is a black date in Belorussian history of culture and literature. In one night in a NKVD prison (currently the building of SIZO KGB) more than one hundred representatives of Belorussian intelligentsia and national elites were shot. Among the murdered were 22 writers Anatol Volny, Platon Golovach, Ales Dudar, Mikhas Zaretsky, Vasil Koval, Moisey Kulbak, Yurka Lyavonny, Valery Moryakov, Julius Taubin, Mikhas Charot and other. 

That was the day when Stalin’s repressions in Belarus were at the peak. Currently in the moment of a political crisis, we are yet again witnessing violence and oppressions against citizens, as well as outstanding representatives of the Belorussian culture.  The freedom of thought and creativity are being destroyed by the courts and other government organizations while the NKVD successors are torturing Belorussians in our prisons and on the streets. We should always remember the appalling époque of thirties, so that we never allow anything like it to happen again. 

On 29th of October, at 20.00 in Kurapaty for the fourth time there will be literature readings of “The Night of the Shot poets”. Today, one of the organizers of the event, Zmitser Dashkevich, is being held behind bars, purposefully being detained before the event.

The Coordinated Committee is expressing solidarity with every political prisoner and is supporting the initiative “The Night of The Shot Poets” and thanking all of the organizers of the readings, as well as everyone who will commemorate the repressed on this day.

As Zmitser Dashkevich said on his trial: “I know that I will step out to the sunrise that can already be seen. I will sit my sentence and meet what I am fighting for”. 

The Belorussian nation will also meet it, because after the night the dawn always follows. 

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