On Monday at the Evening Council, CC member Nikita Solovey answered viewers’ questions about the pandemic. He also introduced the new “COVID Rupar” project. Read the main information that Nikita Solovey provided below.

About masks

Ill effect of the masks is a myth. A large number of studies has been published, indicating that early mask use can significantly affect the spread of the virus in the population. The more people adhere to the principles of individual respiratory protection, the more effective and less prevalent they are.

Confidence in WHO recommendations

– It is understandable that public at large may either accept or reject WHO recommendations. But there are situations where following the recommendations is prescribed in normative documents and becomes obligatory for implementation. Like the introduction of face-mask requirements. It is not even about protecting the individual, rather than protecting others.

About shortcomings of the healthcare system

– Very often, the healthcare system lacks transparency: transparency and recognition of the existing problems allow us to begin to solve them. If we believe that we are doing alright, we do not see what we should strive for.

COVID-19 current difference

– Even when members of the same family get sick, some of them can stay feverish for 7-14 days, and some could remain fever-free. There is no correlation between the duration of high temperature and the severity of the patient’s condition. The only recommendation for everyone here is to consume heavily and use antipyretic drugs, especially if the saturation remains stable.

About the diagnosis

– Four main methods are used in Belarus: determination of the virus antigen in the samples of respiratory flushes; polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in respiratory flushing; determination of antibodies in the blood; CT scan of lungs (CT). All of these techniques apply to different stages of infection.

About vaccination

– Concerning to the coronavirus vaccine, it is too early for Belarusians to have access to it. Russia has promised that we will be one of the first countries to apply it. What is the danger of Russian vaccine? «Sputnik V» clinical research is continuing. Safety will be judged on the basis of these studies. So far, none of the other vaccines, including the United States and Europe ones, have yielded results  from clinical safety studies.

About the importance of solidarity

– We appeal to the medical staff and our incredible people: help each other! Now it is more important than ever. Medical workers and patients unite and cooperate to withstand our common enemy – the coronavirus sars-cov-2.

About health personnel

– My colleagues are doing everything they can to help their patients today. Right now health professionals are affected by a number of physical and psychological factors. Many have been working without break since March.

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