We are grateful to our colleagues in the European Parliament for supporting the Coordination Council as a platform uniting and supported by, the majority of the Belarusian people and for supporting the basic provisions the Coordination Council’s activities are based on: freedom to the political prisoners, termination of repressions and criminal investigations, as well as new and fair election.

Resolution of the European Parliament provides significant support for the members of the Board who are now imprisoned for their political beliefs and have violated no laws and acted within the legal framework. This support also goes to other CC members who are subjected to pressure inside the country.

Thank you.

Let us remind, today the European Parliament has adopted the resolution on the situation in Belarus by the majority of votes.

“The European Parliament welcomes the Coordination Council as a transient representative body of the people demanding democratic changes in Belarus, being open for all political and social stakeholders. It supports peaceful and democratic transfer of authority as a result of large-scale national dialogue with full respect of the democratic and basic rights of the Belarusian people”, the resolution says.

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