Working group on business support works with various business initiatives to help the victims of violence and to help everyone who lost their jobs or were forced to leave public service and are open to new knowledge, profession or need support in their own businesses. One of the tasks of the working group is to form the agenda for the development of business in Belarus.

What is Mara?

Mara is a new virtual assistant for the victims of repressions. It is a chat bot which now has the fullest information about various kinds of help available in Belarus for the victims of violence, for the people who lost their jobs, for those who are willing to acquire new skills and knowledge, get a new profession or need support in their businesses.

We have selected a beautiful Belarusian name Mara – dream – for the assistant bot. In the view of the bot creators it is exactly the dream of the new free Belarus with key values, such as freedom, dignity, empathy, solidarity that unites all the Belarusians.

Mara also supports the business community: businessmen, start-ups, entrepreneurs. It offers information support at the start of one’s business, search of mentors or investors, in particular. Emergence of numerous private initiatives and entrepreneurs is an investment into the future of Belarus. Information about the types of help is continuously updated.

For those who want to help, Mara chat bot includes all the possible platforms that need help from volunteers and those who care. Mara chat bot works with initiatives, such as @tut_pomogut_bot and @belarus_help_bot Belarusians for Belarusians and is open for partnership with new projects. You can join Mara with your initiative here.

Mara knows how hard it is for those who suffered to ask for help, to go through everything again when talking. Mara will assist you in getting the necessary help minimising communication with consultants and volunteers.

Mara is our common dream. A dream about the world where solidarity, mutual help and support are normal. A dream of the good defeating the evil. Mara is ready to help build such a world in Belarus.

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