Today and all week pass «court trials», which should not have happened in the state where the law works.

These cases are an order from a power that can’t accept that it has no majority support. It is the persecution of citizens for opinions and beliefs, that is, for the exercise of their constitutional rights, – comments by Olga Kovalkova, member of the Board of the Coordination Council. – That is impossible in a state governed by the rule of law. We have done and will continue to do everything to ensure that law and security return to our country, that the branches of government are independent of each other and that justice is fair. This is important for all, regardless of political views. This is the basis for the functioning of the State.

I’ve always believed in people, and I still do. We all expect the judge at the sentencing hearing to say the word «innocent». After these words, all political prisoners can begin to overcome a political crisis. We demand their release.

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