This week, winners of the Sakharov Prize For the Freedom of Thought and members of the Coordination Council are visiting the European Parliament where the award ceremony is to be held on Wednesday.

The European Parliament initiated creation of a Fact Finding Mission which aim is to prepare suggestions on assistance to the Belarusian society. A meeting of the European Parliament Commission on Foreign Affairs and Development was held yesterday, as well as of the Subcommission on Human Rights.

Volha Kavalkova, member of the Board of the Coordination Council, addressed the European deputies at the meeting with the members of the European Parliament: “It is of utmost importance to restore the theme of dialogue in the crisis resolving agenda in Belarus. The Coordination Council has always stood for organising the dialogue. The OSCE platform, with Russia’s participation in the process, can become the first step to de-escalation of the crisis. We need to develop a procedure and suggest the agenda. The European Parliament’s active position is very important, just as support to the business affected and civil initiatives.

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