Volha Kavalkova, a member of the Coordination Council Board speaks about the current initiatives of the Council, about activities of the working groups and about the ways to support the Council.

Below are the main points of Volha Kavalkova’s video address.

The Coordination Council is not its Board and not the 70 people of the Core Council. It’s not even the 10,000 of those included in the Expanded Coordination Council. The Coordination Council trusted by at least half a million of the Belarusians is all of us!

Members of the Core Council continue making decisions according to the new Rules of Procedure – by the majority of votes. These new Rules help ensure the truly democratic nature of the decisions taken by the Council.

In recent weeks, we have worked on creating new working groups and initiatives. The Working Group on Political Prisoners is one of them; it deals with various projects on the media, legal and international support of political prisoners. The Working Group on Business Support continues its work and has created Mara assistance chat bot that provides information about the types of help one can offer to the victims of violence in Belarus.

The Fem Group is continuously expanding and invites to join its telegram channel to keep track of the Group’s news. Another initiative, Trade Union Online, is the Coordination Council’s platform that helps labour collectives exercise their right to form independent professional associations.

The Regions Support Group at the Council provides information support and consultations on various issues, including the search of the detained, legal and psychological support to the victims.

It is only a part of the work, and we invite all the Belarusians to join us! We keep moving towards new Belarus despite all the obstacles created by the acting authorities!

Remember: we have already won!

And we keep sealing, sealing and sealing our victory!

And the heroes of this victory are each and everyone of you!

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