We are calling for dialogue.

Friends, my headquarters, the headquarters of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, continue its work. Mariya Maroz remains the chief of staff. She is with me and continues to lead the headquarters team. I confirm the powers of Volha Kavalkova and Mikalai Kazlou as my authorized representatives who will coordinate the activities of my headquarters in Belarus.

I declare that we are ready for dialogue with the authorities.

Considering what’s happening in the country and the urgent need to restore the rule of law in Belarus, I, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, would like to establish a coordination council to oversee the transfer of power. This council may include representatives of civil society, respected and well-known Belarusians, professionals in various fields. I entrust my representative Volha Kavalkova and lawyer Maksim Znak with the task of accepting applications for nomination to the Council from organizations and associations of citizens.

I thank all the people and organizations that supported me and are ready to help in the negotiation process.

I ask you to come together under the umbrella of the Coordination Council. We need your help and experience. We need your connections, contacts, expert advice, and support. This Coordination Council should include those interested in dialogue and peaceful transfer of power – workers’ associations, parties, trade unions, and other civil society organizations.

I ask the international community and European countries to facilitate dialogue with the Belarusian authorities.

I admire Belarusians. Thank you, my dear friends! We have accomplished the impossible. We have shown that we are the majority. And this country belongs to all of us, the people of Belarus, not to one single person.

I wish to express my deepest sympathy to those injured in the last few days and to their families. It was hard for me to see how, during the past week, our authorities plunged our cities into violence. This must never happen again.

The authorities must demonstrate their willingness to begin dialogue with the people.

  • This means releasing all detainees.
  • This means removing riot police and the military from the city streets.
  • This means launching criminal proceedings against those who gave illegal orders to beat and shoot people.

I appeal to the city mayors. Go out there and start speaking and listening to people. It is in your power to organize peaceful and legal rallies in city squares.

I appeal to the police, army, and other law enforcement agencies. Do not execute illegal orders. Talk to your superiors and stop the bloodshed. You pledged to serve the Republic of Belarus and its people. We, the people, will be grateful to anyone who takes our side.

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