The 2020 election has not only changed the lives of many grown-up Belarusians, but also of many children. They are waiting for their parents to return from prison, they are being ideologically lectured at schools and they become victims of administrative and criminal persecution. Parents realising their right to express their political opinion are threatened by surveillance and removal of their children from the family.

The Coordination Council working group on education together with the Belarusian Helsinki Committee sent an appeal to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Regional Director of the UNICEF ECA and to the OSCE Rapporteur on human rights violations.

In their letter, the Coordination Council and the BHC call for the international organisations:

to demand from the current Belarusian authorities to stop repressions and violence against the underage children

to demand that Belarus performed its international obligations on the protection of children

to create a monitoring group on violations of the rights of the underage children in Belarus

Parents seek lawyers’ advice and unite in boards of guardians to protect their children. You can join the Parents Council of Belarus to search for solutions to crisis situations at school together with other parents and teachers here.

And if you faced a violation of rights of underage children, fill out the form and help collect data on the violations of rights of the underage children for the future investigation.

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