Liliya Ulasava is a talented attorney and a recognized mediator, but most importantly, she is a good and honest person. Liliya is the founder of the first private law firm in Belarus. She was nominated to the Coordination Council Board for her personal qualities and professionalism. Lilia wanted to establish a dialogue with the authorities and start looking for ways to pull Belarus out of the current economic and social crisis together.

Liliya is a true fighter, and even deprived of freedom, she keeps her head cool and does not lose hope for the future. She has been in custody since 31 August. Her colleagues speak of her as a patriot of her country and a decent person, and they see no reason for that kind of pre-trial restriction.

The Coordination Council demands to stop unlawful persecution of honest and decent people and to free all those arbitrarily detained.

You can always support Liliya by sending her a letter to the following address: Detention facility 1, 2 Volodarskogo St., Minsk, 220030.

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