In downtown Minsk, unidentified people kidnapped Maria Kalesnikava, member of the Board of the Coordination Council, press secretary Anton Radnenkou, and executive secretary Ivan Kraucou.

Their whereabouts are unknown. At the same time, the institutions dedicated to protecting law and order are yet to provide information about the whereabouts of our colleagues, and deny their involvement in this abduction.

On Saturday, Volga Kavalkova, a member of the Board of the Coordination Council, was forcibly removed from the country. Earlier, charges were brought against a member of the Board of the Coordination Council Lilia Vlasava, and another member of the Board, Siarhey Dyleuski, was placed under administrative arrest.

It is obvious that such methods are illegal and cannot lead to any other result but the deterioration of the situation in the country, the deepening of the crisis and further escalation of protests.

We see that in recent days the authorities began to openly use methods of terror, instead of trying to initiate a dialogue with society.

The Coordination Council notes that all actions committed by persons acting in official status, involving the use of violence and aimed at suppressing citizens’ political and public activity, are crimes against the security of humanity, in respect of which there is no statute of limitations for criminal liability.

The Coordination Council demands the immediate release of Maria Kalesnikava, Lilia Vlasava, Anton Radnenkou,Ivan Krautsou, as well as confirmation of the possibility of the free return of Volga Kavalkova, Pavel Latushka and Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya to the country.

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