Every day the Coordination Council becomes aware of the new unjustly detained people. This is nothing else but the authorities’ attempt at intimidating the peaceful citizens.

Today Maksim Znak stated his decision to stop his hunger strike. He is grateful for all your letters and finds strength to respond to all the letters having a return address. Last week, another member of the Council, Oleg Moiseev, was detained again and convicted for 20 days of imprisonment. Today the Coordination Council volunteer Inna Kovalyonok was detained; her location is currently unknown.

We should also not forget about those who have been imprisoned for a long time now and we regularly collect news about the political prisoners. Our colleagues Lilia Vlasova and Maria Kalesnikava remain in custody. In her latest letter, Maria sends warmest greetings to all Belarusians!

Human rights lawyers have already recognized more than 70 Belarusians as political prisoners. At least 5 of them are members of the Coordination Council.

We ask all the people concerned to not stay on the sidelines and support the political prisoners by signing a petition demanding their immediate release. By signing the petition you not only state your solidarity with the political prisoners, but will also be able to receive regular updates and news on their cases. Your support brings our victory closer!

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