Not all mothers will get greetings from their children on Mother’s Day this year. Some will simply have no opportunity to call and thank their mothers.

The campaign called  Greeting Cards to Mothers of Political Prisoners united more than 500 people who sent their greetings to mothers of political prisoners, who are not able to do that themselves. We put them on an interactive map.


“Our dear, our beloved mothers. This year, you’re celebrating this holiday without your children who are serving time in prison for all of us, for our common better future.”

“Dear mother! You’ve brought up a wonderful person. Remember that all happens for a reason. And be proud of your children.”

“Dear mothers! Your children are in prison now, which means that they are true Belarusians – brave, strong, and honest. Many thanks to you!”

These are just a couple of examples of warm wishes from you, Belarusians! Let’s keep supporting each other. Only together will we win!

You can read other greetings below:

You’ve brought up heroes! Your children are those who without fear  stood up against the dictatorship with its rotten “law enforcement” system full of blind executors. Your children are making the history of this country. Without them, we would have nothing and would still be led by an agrarian who is only capable of taking care of himself and begging for new loans to be repaid by the citizens. (Sergei, Vitebsk)

We, mothers, will win!!!! We have animal instincts and human abilities to protect our children!!!!! Thank you for being brave, courageous, kind. Thank you and forgive us!!! We’re not sitting on our hands!!! We are together, but we miss you a lot! (… We miss you!!! (((( (Elena, Vitebsk) 

You will be happy no matter what!!!! (Anna, Oostende)

Our dear, strong, beautiful, honest mothers, we want to hug you and thank you on this day, and continue doing it for the rest of our lives. (Irina, Minsk)

I am a mother of three grown-up children. They are not in prison, but in this country, they might get there any day. Your family is in pain, but you can be proud of your sons and daughters. They are the best. That means that you, mothers who raised them, are the best, too. The time will come, and the whole Belarus will thank you. For it was you who gave your children the understanding of human dignity and honor, who supported their willingness to fight. All Belarusians bow their heads in respect! (Elena, Osipovichi)

Dear mothers! We are expressing our deepest gratitude to you for the worthy Sons and Daughters of the Belarusian land! Thanks to them, we have finally declared ourselves a nation. Stay positive, for the good always beats the evil. (Natalia, Soligorsk)

You are the bravest, the most beautiful, the nicest and the greatest mothers. On this wonderful day, I’d like to send you my greetings and wish you good health and strength. Everyone will be happy soon, we will win!!! Take care… our thoughts are with you. Everything will be fine ❤️✊✌️ (Evgeny, Zhodino)

I could never imagine that something like that would happen in my beloved Belarus. But we are all working hard for justice to prevail! These are hard times for everyone, both mentally and physically. But I am certain that our women have raised worthy sons and daughters who will defend independence, their vote and the independent way of Belarus! I’m sending you my sincere greetings on Mother’s Day. We will do our best to stop the lawlessness in our country! Long live Belarus! (Dmitry, Novosibirsk)

Mother’s love saves, gives hope, supports in the darkest of times. I am sure your children can feel it even behind the walls of detention centres. Take care, dear mothers! You will hug your loved ones, no matter what! (Irina, Grodno)

I wish you a lot of good news soon! (Natalia, Stolbtsy)

I am a mother of a political prisoner myself. Thank you very much for remembering not only political prisoners, but also us, their mothers. (Yulia, Pinsk)

My daughter (a mother of three) is at Volodarskogo under Article 293. We want to greet her on this day, and we are waiting for her to come home. We are proud of her, and we wish her to handle it all. And for her to know: our cause is just, and we will win. Long live Belarus! (Anzhela, Minsk)

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