We have seen the change of measure of restraint for political prisoners recently. Disguised as a release to house arrest, seven people were released including Lilia Ulasava, member of the Coordination Council Board, a well-known Belarusian lawyer and the founder of mediation in our country.

Yet the change of the measure of restraint is not the release! It is merely the change of the conditions of imprisonment. Just a clumsy imitation, illusion aimed at misleading the society.

Release means a complete and unconditional termination of knowingly wrongful criminal cases and criminal persecution of all the political prisoners.

Let us remind, none of the criminal cases has been terminated so far. None of the charges dropped.

The Coordination Council is consistent in its demands:

  • termination of political persecution of citizens, opening criminal cases and bringing the responsible persons to justice;
  • release of ALL the political prisoners;
  • holding a new election in accordance with the international standards and with a new composition of the election commissions of all levels including the Central Election Commission.

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