According to the data of the human rights center «Viasna», today in Belarus 169 political prisoners. Belarus surpasses several larger States in the number of political prisoners.

Human rights organizations report that there are 314 political prisoners in Russia today, 27 in Kazakhstan, 253 in Vietnam and 350 in Venezuela.

Besides 169 political prisoners in Belarus, «Viasna» knows about more than 900 criminal cases against Belarusians. Cases have been brought in connection with the election campaign and protests in the country.

We understand that by building fabricated criminal cases and trying to suppress the voice of the people, the current regime is provoking even greater resentment and the pursuit of justice.

Support political prisoners through the Especially support those who have fewer friends on the site than others.

Thank you for your solidarity!

*Data on political prisoners in different countries are valid at the end of 2020.

Sources of information:
Russia. Human Rights Centre «Memorial».
Kazakhstan. TIREK fund.
Vietnam. Christian Human Rights Organization.
Venezuela. Human Rights Organization «Venezuelan Criminal Forum».

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