Sixty well-known economists have declared their willingness to create a plan for the economical development of Belarus. They have presented the principles of economic reformation in an open letter.

Among those who signed the letter, famous Belorussian economists and members of the economic group of the Coordinating Council: Ales Alekhnovich, Pavel Daneiko, Dmitry Kruk, Tatiana Marynich, Sergei Navrodski and Sergei Chaly. Additionally, the letter was signed by foreign economists such as Yuri Gorodnichenko, Sergey Guriev, Ivan Miklos, Timofey Milovanov, Konstantin Sonin and others.

“We, undersigned economists, are declaring our readiness to provide expert help in creating a program for the economic reforms in Belarus that will help to create our countries development and increase the citizens welfare. We are ready to utilize our knowledge and expertise to consult the new democratic selected government in Belarus” – the economists are claiming in the open letter. 

Full text of the letter is available In the Open Letter of Economists to Belorussian society.

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