Today, on January 18th, the Attorney General’s Office sent a package of documents to the National Central Bureau of Interpol in Belarus in order to put Pavel Latushko, a former Minister of Culture, a member of the CC Presidium, on the international wanted list.

He is accused of acting to seize or retain State power through unconstitutional means and of forming an extremist group.

It’s the same as turning the Criminal Code upside down and reading it from the last page. Unfortunately, the law has long ceased to exist in our country, – Pavel Latushko commenting on the statement of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. – It is regrettable that real criminal offenses are being committed in Belarus, but that no criminal proceedings have been instituted against those responsible.

Criminal prosecution of public figures in Belarus is politically motivated. The sending of an international wanted notice is a purely political decision, not a legal one.

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