Petr Rudkouski, a member of the Coordination Council, Director of BISS independent analytical centre, commented on the closing of the border in Belarus:

“Earlier in summer, several experts duly noted that the impossibility to leave for work to Russia due to COVID-19 pandemic severely affected the protest moods. But this was before the fatal events, when the degree of anger was not that high. And in that situation, many could explain their dissatisfaction with the regime with a rational discussion: ‘It’s not Lukashenka, Russia is the reason we can’t go.’

And now the situation is much more tense and the addressee of anger points at himself. Additionally, it affects not only the Russia-oriented guest workers – who are not the most protesting category – but also the West-oriented guest workers, officials, businessmen, scientists, students and employees of the IT industry who had enough protesting mood even before that.”

Closing borders in Belarus is yet another act lacking transparency by those holding authority, Volha Kavalkova thinks.

“Again we see another decree of the government violating the people’s constitutional rights. In the situation of political crisis, it is another act lacking transparency,” noted the member of the Council Board.

Let us remind that Article 30 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus states: “Citizens of the Republic of Belarus have the right to move across and select a place of residence within the Republic of Belarus freely, to leave the country and return without restriction.”

We demand from the Constitutional Court to hold an inspection of compliance of the said Decree of the Council of Ministers with the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus.

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