– Yara is one of the most stable partners for «Belaruskali». The departure of Yara will be an irreparable loss, – commented Alexander Yaroshuk, President of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions and a member of the CC.

– We believe that everything possible should be done to keep Yara in Belarus. This depends solely on the leadership of «Belaruskali», and more precisely, on the Belarusian authorities. They have to fulfill the conditions of Yara. In that case, a contract could be expected.

Now the fate of the contract between the Norwegian company Yara and «Belaruskali» is decided. Yara has still not received an answer to the conditions under which she can renegotiate the contract. These two conditions. One, reinstate the workers fired for the strike. Two, increase the safety of the miners.

The independent trade union considers that it is necessary to use the negotiation process to last-minute pressure on the administration of «Belaruskali» for conditions to be fulfilled.

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