On Monday, October 26, Siarhei Dyleuski and Lech Wałęsa met in Gdansk.

It is symbolic that meeting of the Coordination Council Board and the leader of the Minsk Tractor Plant strike committee with the leader of “Solidarity” took place on the day of the national strike in Belarus. In the late 1980s, it were mass strikes of the workers under the “Solidarity” banners that crushed the regime in Poland.

During the meeting, Lech Wałęsa shared his experience in organising a strike movement with Siarhei Dyleuski and shared some advice with the Belarusians. According to him, the highest hope is now vested in the people doing the majority of work inside the country. However, financial support from the caring Belarusians abroad is important, too.

“I’d like the Belarusians to succeed”, summarised the legendary man.

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