The Minsk City Court declared the strike of «Belaruskali» invalid. In response, the strike committee of «Belaruskali» decided to go to the mat and filed a complaint to the court. 

On January 19th at 11:00 the employees of «Belaruskali» in the Supreme Court will defend their (already legal) right to strike. Sergey Dylevsky, former leader of the MTW-HOLDING strike and member of the Presidium of the CC, addressed his colleagues with words of support:

It is true that there is less talk now about factories and workers. Now Belarusians do not come through the passage, as it was in August. But it is true that nothing has changed in us since those hot days of August, – Sergei is convinced. – Friends, plant workers, I’m happy that we support and believe in each other because we know for a fact that this is our power.

You can see the full version of the appeal on the CC YouTube channel.

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