Lilia Vlasava, a member of the Board of the Coordination Council and founder of one of the first law firms in Belarus, was detained today at 3pm. Notably, Ms. Vlasova is one of the most famous mediators both in Belarus and abroad.

We express our concern regarding the detention of another member of the Board of the Coordination Council. This detention comes shortly after the administrative arrests of Board members Volga Kavalkova and Siarhey Dyleusky, as well as the initiation of a criminal case with respect to the establishment of the Council. We view this action of law enforcement agencies as politically motivated pressure on the Coordination Council.

The actions of the authorities are aimed at disrupting the work of the Coordinating Council. This is an indication that the authorities are not interested in a public dialogue and resolving the internal political crisis through negotiations.

We believe that any pressure on the members of the Coordination Council should be stopped. All parties should contribute to resolving the socio-political crisis exclusively through dialogue.

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