Vitaly Volianiuk, member of the Core Coordination Council:

There are attempts to talk round the main issues stated by the CC and by the majority of the society. To replace them with geopolitics. Russian TV channels transmit all but the third world war in which Russia is to fight with Poland over Belarus.

But what has the geopolitics to do with anything when the simple questions remain unanswered: no one has been brought to justice for violence and victims; there is no understanding of the actual results of the past election, hence there is a need in the new and transparent one; repressions and pressure against peaceful citizens won’t stop. The country has slid down into a legal default.

These questions should be repeated constantly, I think. And simple answers to them understandable by everyone could unite the Belarusian society. It is very important now, for the future of our country and of the region.

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