Last week the Coordinating Council has presented the economic program to stop Belorussian economic crisis. The details of this and other news can be read in this week’s digest from the Coordinating Council. 

Representatives have presented a program to end the Belorussian economic crisis

During an online conference Representatives have presented a program to end the Belorussian economic crisis on the 21 of October.

Among the speakers there were: Ales Alekhnovich – the personal advisor of Svetlana Tihanovskaya and a member of the Coordinating Council. Svetlana Tihanovskaya – the leader of Democratic Belarus, and member of the Council Pavel Latushko and Olga Kovalkova have also addressed the issue. The speakers of the press conference have presented an economic program to exit the crisis and plan for Belorussian economic development.

The Open letter of the economists to the Belorussian society

The representatives of the economic advisors of the Coordinating Council and 55 other famous Belorussian and foreign economists have published a letter where they have declared their readiness to create a plan for economic reform.

Full letter can be read on the website.

The section “Help” is now available on the Coordinating’s Council website 

All the initiatives for help are now situated on the CC’s website. They are separated into different groups for convenience: initiatives for the protestors, for the victims, and for those seeking a lawyer’s assistance. Now getting help is easy. 

A future leader’s course is currently in development 

The specialists of communication and the questions of organization have created a questionnaire. The organization “KOTOS” is preparing an education program and a short instruction for organizing meetings for the local leaders. Complete the questionnaire if you want to control your life and your country. 

The representatives of the CC took part in a webinar of the International’s Committee of Belarus

On 22nd of October the deputies of the British and European Parliament, the diplomats and the representatives of the European reconstruction and development’s bank, International Currency Fund have exchanged ideas with Belorussian speakers. The participants have discussed the role of the CC, the constitutional reform in Belarus, as well as a plan of action after the 25th of October, and economic anti-crisis development. 


We have launched a project called “23.34” with our partners about social investigation of the police’s violations connected to peaceful protests. Share the link with those ones who were arrested. This way you can trace all the cases. 

Moreover, other initiatives from “KOTOS” and “Trade Union Online” are actively working. We are continuing to create the mechanisms of local self-governments and entering independent trade unions.

We are continuing our work and are confidentially building a new Belarus!

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