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Launched COVID speaker

This new project will help Belarusians learn new reliable information about COVID-19 in Belarus based on daily polls. More information is available on the project’s website.

Ales Aliakhnovich spoke about how sanctions affect the regime

Ales Aliakhnovich, representative of the Economic Group of the Coordination Council and Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya’s adviser on economics, speaks about economic sanctions. Long-term political repressions in Belarus can have serious economic consequences, in the neighbouring countries as well.

Held the first School of Leaders

On December 5 to 6, 15 active participants of yard activities from Minsk and other towns practiced negotiation, group organisation and other topics. The next group will have training on December 19 to 20. Register for the class!

Continued the Majority Movement

Published new tasks with a clear algorithm, which will help us build the new Belarus. Join the Majority Movement and express your civil position effectively and legally.

Took part in a range of discussions dedicated to women’s leadership in the events in Belarus

Members of the Coordination Council Fem Group spike about women’s protest movement within the international online discussions.

Ales Bialyatski received a prestigious Right Livelihood Award

Ales Bialyatski, a human rights activist and a member of Coordination Council has become the first Belarusian to receive the Right Livelihood Award. Congratulations to our colleague on the deserved award!

Launched the Supolki (Associations) project

Unite in professional associations where no passport data and donations are required and stand for the common interests together. More information is available in the Telegram channel.

Summarised results of the first week of work

8,700 people have used the project since the beginning of its work. Now one doesn’t need a lawyer to submit an application to a government institution. Generate complains and applications on your own in just five minutes.

We are the Coordination Council! Together, to the new Belarus!

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