Summary of the week from October 12 to October 18, 2020.

Every day, the Coordination Council working groups work for the benefit of the new Belarus. We launch various initiatives, draw up document packages, organize charity campaigns. From now on, every week we will take stock of the progress achieved on all fronts and share it with you. We are starting right now.

Local governance initiative launched on October 12 

The Council regional group together with the Honest People community launched an initiative for local governance bodies – KOTOS. We prepared a document package, developed an instruction on how to establish a KOTOS, and created a chat for consultations. The first week of work was marked with 200 people seeking consultation.

Greeting Cards to Mothers of Political Prisoners charity campaign launched on October 14

The Council working group on political prisoners and human rights launched an initiative to send gift cards to mothers of those who were imprisoned for political reasons. On this year’s Mother’s Day, 500 Belarusians helped mothers of political prisoners to keep their spirits up.

Work of Mara chatbot summed up

Three weeks ago, the Coordination Council working group on business support launched Mara chatbot, a virtual assistant for victims of repressions. This bot houses all the assistance and support programmes for victims of repressions committed by the authorities. In three weeks, the chatbot has helped more than 1,000 people.

300 people helped to join independent trade unions of Belarus

The Trade Union Online team keeps helping people leave the state-owned trade unions. 300 people have joined four independent trade unions in the past week. The team also helps students to leave BRSM and start independent trade unions at their universities. Follow the news from the project on Telegram and ask your questions to a chatbot.

Christian Vision working group continuing its work

The team supports religious people who have been subject to persecution and who publicly express their opinion about the latest social events.

The Coordination Council is us! We keep working and building the new Belarus!

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