The last week of October has proven to be quite eventful. Representatives of the Coordination Council continueв to support independent trade unions and local governments, create new initiatives and act in the international arena. Here is an overview of the main events of the past week.

150 applications to join independent trade unions processed 

The Trade Union Online team continues to provide support to workers and students who want to join independent trade unions and defend their rights at university and in the workplace.

Working Group for the Belarusian language and culture established

The group supports Belarusian-speaking citizens and cultural representatives and opposes attempts to discredit Belarusian symbols. Follow the news of the team on its telegram channel.

Statistics on startup ecosystem in Belarus collected

In early October, the team of Tatsiana Marinich, a member of the Coordination Council’s Working Group on Business, conducted a survey on the state of the startup ecosystem in Belarus. The survey was completed by 208 founders and co-founders of start-up companies. Last week, the experts prepared a detailed analysis of this survey.

A series of educational videos on the economy of Belarus launched

In the first video Why Belarus Needs Reforms, Ales Aliakhnovich, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya’s economic adviser, has explained why the economy of Belarus has been shrinking since 2010 and how reforms can help change that. In the upcoming videos, Ales will answer frequently asked questions about the economy and the current situation in the country. You can submit your questions by email here.

The first online hackathon of the Coordination Council and the Peramen hub launched

Join our hackathon and together with other advocates of change and members of the Coordination Council create projects that are going to help achieve the main demands of the Resolution of the Coordination Council. The hackathon will be held on November 2–7.

Parliamentary Solidarity with Belarus initiative launched

The Coordination Council has invited parliamentarians from all countries to express their support and solidarity with the Belarusian people. You can read updates from the initiative on the official Facebook page

A study of the needs of women in crisis conducted

The Fem Group of the Coordination Council has processed the results of the survey, which will help to understand women’s concerns and determine where the initiative needs to work.  

Council members made an appeal to the EHEA Ministerial Conference

The Education Working Group urged their foreign colleagues to demand that the Belarusian authorities respect students’ rights. 

At the moment, the Coordination Council has 10 Working Groups. You can become a member of the Expanded Coordination Council and start working in one of the identified areas or create a new working group, thus helping to achieve the three main goals of the Coordination Council (see Resolution here: Join the Expanded Coordination Council: 

The Coordination Council is us! We keep working and building the new Belarus!

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